CNC Flange

Shandong Aiguo Forging Co.,Ltd(Used name Zhangqiu Aiguo Forging Co.,Ltd) was established in 1992 and has been exporting flanges since 2011. As a professional China CNC Flange manufacturers and China CNC Flange suppliers, we are strong strength and complete management. CNC flange makes it possible to remove a section of pipe or to add onto a pipeline with ease.When building a pipeline, the length of the pipes used are not always known. By manufacturing the pipe separate from the flange, the welders can cut the pipe to length and weld a flange in place to join the pipes at any needed length. The plates can also be welded to the pipe on a slight bias, allowing two pipes to be joined that may not be precisely lined up.This would be much more convenient and economical.


AG CNC flange is reliable,safe and convenient,with the advantages of compatibility and practicability.


AG CNC flange is a part of the tube. Connecting to pipe ends.In industrial pipelines, the use of flange connections is very wide.

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CNC Flange made in China from our factory is of high quality. It is called Shandong Aiguo Forging Co.,Ltd. which is one of the manufacturers and suppliers from China. CNC Flange with the low price which has TUV can be customized. Do you need price list and free sample? If you need, we also can offer you. Besides, CNC Flange is in stock and has discount.
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