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The advantages of Loose Flange


Loose flange is a type of flange that was previously not so widely used in pipe fittings. However, with the advantages it offers, this type of flange has become increasingly popular in recent times. In this news article, we will be exploring the benefits of loose flanges.

Firstly, loose flanges offer the convenience of easy alignment during installation. They consist of two parts, the flange itself and the stub end. The two parts are simply bolted together, making alignment much simpler than other types of flanges.

Secondly, due to their widely spaced bolt holes, loose flanges are easier to mount and dismount, reducing downtime during maintenance and repair work.

Thirdly, loose flanges also offer the advantage of extended service life due to their ability to accommodate slight angular and axial misalignment between pipes. This reduces stress on the pipes and fittings, increasing their longevity.

Fourthly, loose flanges are also cost-effective since they do not require welding during installation as opposed to other types of flanges that need to be welded. This makes them a popular choice for smaller scale projects with limited budgets.

Finally, loose flanges are more versatile than weld-neck flanges as they can be used with pipes made of different materials, and can even be used in underground piping systems where welding may not be safe or feasible.

In conclusion, the use of loose flanges is becoming increasingly popular in the piping industry due to their numerous advantages including convenience during installation, ease of maintenance and repair, extended service life, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. It is no wonder then, that more and more pipe fitting projects are opting for loose flanges in both industrial and residential settings.

Loose Flange

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