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What is a flange


In fact, the name flange is a transliteration of flange. It was first proposed by an Englishman named Elchart in 1809, and the method of casting the flange was also proposed at the same time, but it has not been widely used for quite a while. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, flanges were widely used in various mechanical equipment and pipeline connections.

Flanges are also called flange convex disks or convex disks. For those who are engaged in mechanical or engineering installations, flanges should be very familiar. It is a disc-shaped part and is generally used in pairs.

It is mainly used for parts such as pipes and valves, pipes and pipes, and pipes and equipment, which are connected to each other to play a sealing role. Because there are so many applications between these equipment and pipes, they will be The two planes are connected by bolts, and the connecting parts with sealing function are called flanges.

Generally, the flange has round holes for fixing. For example, when it is used at the pipe connection, a sealing ring is added between the two flanges, and then the bolt is used to fasten the connection. The flanges with different pressures have Different thicknesses and different bolts are used. The main materials used for flanges are carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel.

Due to the important role played by flanges and good overall performance, flanges are widely used in chemical, petrochemical, fire protection and drainage industries.

Flanges are widely used in the world as a kind of connector, which requires a unified standard. For example, pipeline flanges now mainly have two standard systems.

They are the European pipeline flange system, that is, the European pipeline flange system represented by German DIN (including Russia), and the American flange system represented by the American ANSI pipeline flange.
In addition, there is Japan's JIS pipeline flange system, China also has a steel pipeline flange system GB, but the main size is still based on the European system and the American system.