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Aluminum alloy flanges

Advantages of aluminum alloy flanges:
1. Light weight: Aluminum alloy flanges are lighter than flanges made of other materials. Can save handling costs and processing costs.
2. Good strength: The mechanical properties of aluminum alloy flanges are not as good as steel, but higher than its strength. Copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloy elements can be added to make aluminum alloy and then heat treated to obtain high strength.
3. Beautiful appearance, suitable for various surface treatments: the surface of aluminum alloy flange and its alloy flange has oxide film, which is silver-white and relatively beautiful. If it is oxidized, the oxide film on the surface is stronger, and it can also be used
Dyeing and painting. Create a variety of colors and gloss surface.
4. Corrosion resistance and good sight resistance: aluminum and aluminum alloy flanges can produce hard and dense oxide films on the surface of the country, and many substances do not have a degrading effect on it.
5. Chemical resistance: Aluminum flanges do not react to nitric acid, glacial acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals, and have very good drug resistance.
6. No magnetic: aluminum flange is non-magnetic body.
7. Non-toxic: Aluminum itself is not toxic, so aluminum flanges are more suitable for medical machinery and food processing industries.
8. Low temperature resistance: When the temperature of the aluminum flange is low, the strength is increased without brittleness, so it is an imaginary low temperature device material.
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