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What is the difference between JIS flange and other flange standards


We produce SS400 JIS2220 SLIP ON FLANGE.Japanese standard flanges are the most commonly used among all flange standards. Among them, there are very obvious differences with national standards, Russian standards, German standards, American standards, etc., so let's analyze their differences.
The Japanese standard flange standard is very different from other standard flanges in terms of kilogram pressure. The Japanese standard kilogram pressure often has 5k, 10k, 16k, 20k, 30k, and the less commonly used 1k.
Secondly, the most commonly used Japanese standard flange is the size of the A series, while other standards such as the national standard are commonly used in the A series and B series.
Again, in the Japanese flange standard, SOP refers to flat flanges, and SOH refers to flat welded flanges with diameter. If only SO is used, it is impossible to determine whether it has a diameter. In addition, the sealing surface of the Japanese standard flange is generally FF pure plane, but it can also be made of RF with a waterline type, which depends on the needs of customers. Japanese standard flanges do not have diameters for all types of flanges. 5K ones start from DN450, 10K ones start from DN250, and 20K and 30K ones start from DN1O.SS400. JIS2220 SLIP ON FLANGE is your good choice.c